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With hot fix materials you can create your own designs, the possibilities are endless. Hot fix motifs can be applied with a household iron or a heat press, and specialized tools which pick up the stones as well as heating them are now available.
Rhinestones Hot-fix is made in a variety of qualities and materials which have been explained under their individual headings. Most types are available from as little as 2 mm in diameter to over just over 10 mm in diameter. Many flat back stones are manufactured with a specially heat sensitive glue on the backing. They have a faceted front, and a flat back which has usually has a foil coating applied to help reflect the light and sparkle.
When this glue is heated it melts into the fabric and forms an excellent bond that can not only be washed, but also dry-cleaned. This is an important added advantage if garments are to be sold commercially and it also opens up the range of specialized fabrics that previously, because of the cleaning methods required, could only be decorated with sewn or clamped stones.
Rhinestud Hot-fix, these are aluminum transfers. The back is round, but the head is Octagonal, so it is also known as Octagonal studs.
Nailhead Hot-fix, these are aluminum transfers, which come in different sizes and shapes. Ranging from 1.2mm to 9mm, they also come in shapes like oval, teardrop, diamond, heart, rectangle, square etc. As it is flat, so it is usually called flat studs. Now the nailhead could be made into different shapes, such as star, triangle, diamond etc. Please refer our color card.
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